10 Useful tips to be an amazing Airbnb & other channel host

Did you know that you can earn way more money on Airbnb, by just being a great host?

Being an amazing host means that you get great reviews and are ranked higher. People are more likely to choose your space for the amazing reviews and hospitality. This means you can earn way more than you think. 

Now, being a good host doesn’t mean you spend all your time fulfilling the guest’s needs, little things can take you a long way. With this blog, we will be sharing 10 most useful tips to be an amazing host.

1. Be Honest

One of the most important things as a host is being honest. While posting your property on Airbnb, make sure you have good images and honest details about your space. 

This will ensure that the expectations of your guests have been met. It is important that you mention details that would cause an effect on the guests stay.

2. Verify your profile

Once you verify your profile, people will feel more comfortable in booking your space. It ensures that you are a real host and not a scam.

It is always better to have a good profile picture, along with a brief introduction about yourself. This adds a personal touch to your listing, makes the guest feel safe when they are booking.

3. Keep it spotless

Keep the sheets clean, many travelers would be sleeping on the same mattress and it is important to ensure that the sheets have been changed after each stay.

Make sure to clean the entire space after each stay as well. Some hosts prefer hiring a cleaning person after every stay.

4. Respond Promptly

Even if it is a “no” it is essential that you respond back to every message. Not responding to messages could lead to a bad rating for your listing. 

Be polite and empathetic while responding to messages. This way even if you decline a stay, the person won’t feel too bad. Also respond quickly to guest in case they have a problem during their stay.

5. Communicate before and after

Start communicating with your guests even before they arrive. You could do this by sending an email a few days prior to their arrival, with details like the address, time they have confirmed for arrival, parking details, etc.

After their stay it is nice to send an email such as “Thank you for choosing my space for your stay, we would love to host you again, etc” also asking for some feedback or recommendations.

6. Be Flexible

It’s always nice to have hosts that are understanding. In case the guest is running late, be available to let them in the apartment or provide options. 

Don’t rush the guest when it is time for check-out. Small things like that, guests will appreciate and this will go a long way into getting you those amazing 5 Star reviews.

7. Stock the kitchen

This doesn’t mean that you do the entire grocery shopping, but keeping a few snacks like chips, coffee, sugar, milk would be like a cherry on a cake.

Some guest has had long hours of travel and highly appreciate small gestures by hosts. This type of guests, would also be the ones who would give you a great rating and recommendation and even return for a future stay.

8. Provide basic amenities

Make sure to have amenities like a microwave in the kitchen. A few towels in the bathroom along with some travel size toiletries. Some extra blankets, pillows, light bulbs, and extra paper towels, etc. To ensure that they don’t run out of any necessities.

9. Leave a small handbook

A mini-handbook for the guest, once they arrive, is a simple but great gesture by hosts. This handbook could have details about how to operate a few electronic devices which may not be easy for a guest to figure out.

It could also have details on what the guest can do in the area, where to eat. A few sets of dos and don’ts, contact information etc.

10. Interact

Great hospitality means interacting with guests. You could start by welcoming them to the apartment, giving a small tour of the space. 

Offering some coffee while they settle in, this would make the guest feel homely and welcomed. It is also important to give them space after since they are on vacation and have their own plans.

Do you have any tips to be an amazing Airbnb host? Leave them in the comments below.

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