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Global Guesting Manage specializes in Airbnb, HomeAway & other Short Term Rentals for current Property Owners or Landlords. We bring a higher rental revenue to Landlords than the traditional real estate channels. We maximize the potential of their rental.

Global Guesting
Management Solution

A complete solution to your short-term rental business, whether vacation Hosting or business short-term customers. You provide the location, we provide full property management so that you don’t have to worry about anything except increasing your earnings while keeping your estate constantly cleaned and maintained professionally.

The fastest way to grow your rental income and increase dividends.

Things we do for you

A successful short-term leasing service involves many moving pieces.
Global Guesting Manage takes care of them all
GGI works diligently with the client to make sure all the information and pricing is correct before confirming the reservation.

Conservative Bookings

Easy three step process, 1) Property information and evaluation, 2) Setting up the property and turn on the listing. 3) Finally you are done and relax.

3 Steps Vetting

GGI provides complete housekeeping and cleaning service on demand where ever your property is located.

Housekeeping Management

Do you want more control over your property? Our advanced native technology allows you to block off calendar dates, monitor the performance of your properties, and personalize guest communications.


GGI provides 24/7 guest support through multiple sources so that at any given time guest is served with their needs.

24/7 Guest Support

GGI supports their client with our own insurance coverage up to $2 million plus additional coverage for the AirBnb properties from Airbnb. We call it GGI peace of mind.

Insurance and Risk Management

GGI team is always active to find the best rate for your property round the year to make the most of the demand. And it’s possible through collecting data on a regular basis and implementing the information towards rate optimization.

Data Driven Rate Optimization

GGI takes care of all sorts of repairs and seasonal maintenance on all short term rental and long term rental properties.

Maintenance Support

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